Nerds Behind BeeBack

About the BeeHive

The BeeHive is the home of the nerdy working bees that builds BeeBack. We are not creating just an amazing mobile app, but also a web platform that allows businesses to interact with their consumers in a revolutionary new way!

BeeBack is a combination of two products; a rewards + discovery mobile app, and a web tool for merchants. Our immersive app allows users to discover and redeem rewards through an interactive experience. Wondering what cafe to check out around you? Use our unique AR experience to find one, and then start the process of collecting virtual “stamps” on your rewards card!

We aim to help small businesses have a fighting chance against bigger conglomerates. Not only does our merchant portal provide incredible insightful tools and analytics, we give merchants the ability to have all the information they need to focus on what makes local businesses great -- the human engagement.

Be Different

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The Working Bees

Meet the nerdy working bees behind BeeBack.

Jas Gill

Chief Troublemaker

Sazzad Hossain

Crayon Evangelist

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Sir Codes a Lot

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Number Cruncher

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Software Ninjaneer

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Software Ninjaneer

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Creative Instigator

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The Press Kit

This press kit is designed to help you write articles for your blog, magazine or newspaper. All contents provided in this download were carefully chosen to represent BeeBack.

We understand that you want your product, extension or website providing an extension to/for BeeBack to be easily identifiable. This is important to us too, but BeeBack is also the name of our service and company, so we’re cautious about the possibility of confusion. Please don’t use any of our official branding—the word “BeeBack” or “BeeBack Bee”, our BeeBack Bee character and our written logo—in the name or branding of your website or app. Our official branding is only used in services and products we make ourselves. This is to prevent any confusion, so users can distinguish between what we officially release.

Use our branding color(s) in your article when creating or discussing about BeeBack.

Use our promotional graphics included in the download to help with your article.

Use any of these graphics to link to BeeBack or when mentioning us in an article or in print

Use "BeeBack" in the name of your application, website, product or register a TLD containing our name.

Manipulate the logos or imply sponsorship, endorsement, or false association with BeeBack.

Use any other artwork from our site without explicit permission from us.