BeeBack is the Industry Standard

Two-In-One Platform

BeeBack is a combination of two products; a rewards + discovery mobile app, and a web platform for merchants. Our immersive and social app allows users to discover and redeem rewards through an interactive experience. Merchants gain access to a state-of-the-art web platform where they can manage their rewards program, add exclusive promotions, connect with their customers and view analytics on their business's performance.

There are thousands of cafe's, groceries, restaurants and other shops located at the heart of where we operate.
Whether you're at work, with your friends or your family, there are many locations you can get your rewards from.
BeeBack is expanding rapidly. We are talking to new merchants every week at several different locations.

The Modern Approach

Tired of losing that punch card? Us too. That's why we decided it was time we brought those cards to the modern era where almost everything is digital. Scan a code and never lose it; even when you change your phone. And finally get that free drink you've been working on.

Best of all, BeeBack is a social platform. Check-in, send out a Buzz! and see your friends swarm to your location. Some merchants often reward their biggest fans with exclusive deals!

Launch Rewards Program

Bring your establishment to the modern era by launching your own rewards program.

Add Promotions

Create exclusive promotions for your loyal customers and watch your profit double.

Monitor Check-ins

Stay in the loop by tracking incoming traffic, check-ins, claims and more with live data.

Send Deal Alerts

Get in touch with your customers directly by sending push alerts through the app or via email.

Set Merchant Page

Create your own merchant website for free. We update the page for you when you make changes.

Get Social

Key to any success in this tech age is social media. When you connect with your users, the more they return.

How It Works

Getting started with BeeBack is easy. Create your new merchant account and follow these three simple steps.

  1. 1

    Create a Promotion

    Create a new promotion on BeeBack for your customers. Send out push notifications or email to your customers.

  2. 2

    Customers Download BeeBack App

    Tell your customers to download the BeeBack app and start redeeming promotions you have set for them. App is Free!

  3. 3

    See What Promotion Is Working

    See which one of your promotion is performing the best. Get live data on who used a promotion or checked in to your establishment.

For the Modern Merchant

See why more than 1,000 merchants are using BeeBack for their business.